Sony UK to Discuss New Censorship Policy on Sexual Themes

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Following Sony’s new worldwide policy restricting certain sexual themes on PlayStation consoles, the company is seemingly finally ready to discuss the new policy.

The news comes via a new change.org petition via Marvelous Entertainment affiliate and partner Igrasil Studio, which has reached nearly 10,000 signatures – grabbing the attention for Sony to finally open up discussion on the new censorship policy.

The developer posted the update confirming they’re meeting with Sony to discuss the policy:

Hello friends, I’m about to talk with Sony UK next week, they can’t fix the problem since they’re not authorized to change something but they’re able to get in touch with the HQ at least.

I’ll let them know what the problem is and why its kinda important for their future. Especially for the PS5 or similar products if they want to win the next console race again

This sounds like it will obviously be a private meeting, however we’ll report on anything to come from it. Recently, Sony Japan boss Atsushi Morita touched upon the new policy, noting it was to enact “global standards” for the company.

This new policy from Sony has been affecting mostly Japanese games, both internationally and within Japan. Publisher PQube canceled the western release for Omega Labyrinth Z, and Marvelous removed a reoccurring feature in Senran Kagura Re:Newal. Marvelous boss Kenichiro Takaki noted the policies are prolonging their development time, as they’re trying to work with them.

How do you guys feel about the new policies, and Morita’s comments? Sound off in the comments below!

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