Niche Spotlight – Loria: Golden Era 2D RTS

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Today’s Spotlight is Loria, a fantasy RTS heavily inspired by the golden age of Blizzard strategy games.

In terms of gameplay, Loria is a mix of Warcraft II and III. There’s two races that each have fairly similar units, but there is a hero system similar to Warcraft III, complete with an inventory of 6 slots per hero.

Loria features an 8 mission campaign for each race and skirmish maps, but currently lacks multiplayer. The developer has promised online multiplayer if the game can manage to grow a decent sized community.

Loria is available on Windows PC and Mac via Steam for $18.99.  You can check out a trailer above, and there’s a free demo as well.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

Loria is a homage to classics from golden era of strategy games, with modern spin on controls and user experience.

Game introduces not just RTS elements but also RPG elements such as: hero units, collecting items and quest driven missions offers for a more interesting take on the RTS genre.

Goal of Loria is to take the best concepts from the classics and create a modern user-experience, intelligent AI, smooth controls, pleasing aesthetic and to add interesting content.

Loria was made with passion and love of the RTS genre, that has given us so many hours of fun. Hopefully we have managed to recreate the experience and fun.

Key Features:

  • 2 playable races
  • 2 campaigns with 8 missions each ( 16 missions in summary )
  • Entertaining story
  • Dozens of units, buildings and upgrades
  • 6 unique heroes
  • Levelable heroes with backpack
  • Veteran units
  • Skirmish games

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Frank Streva


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