Niche Spotlight – Omni Link: Spacefaring VN / Shooter Hybrid

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Today’s Spotlight is about Omni Link, a visual novel that was Kickstarted last year by Roencia and left Early Access back in September.

A routine mission leads to unexpected circumstances when you meet Ectype D-7, also known as Dawn, an attractive AI with the ability to interface with and replicate any starship she encounters. Together with her and your crew, you must face the mysterious threat of the Virus, an unknown entity that is destroying entire planets and stars without warning on the edge of the known galaxy.

Omni Link isn’t just a visual novel, however. It’s also a top-down space shooter with RPG elements and a heavy emphasis on exploration. Dawn’s ability to absorb and duplicate starships plays an element in the core gameplay, and over the course of the game you’ll gradually amass a fleet of ships on your adventure. You can check out a trailer above.

Omni Link is available on Windows PC via Steam and the Humble Store for $14.99, and its currently 30% off as part of the Steam Autumn Sale.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

Omni Link is a visual novel at it’s core, but it’s unlike other visual novels you’ve read before. Game-play and dialogue choices mesh together so you can see a real impact to your decisions. A story is not only about reading, it’s about experiencing. Get involved with Omni Links characters, and experience their pains and joys as if they are your own. It all comes together in the end for an epic conclusion.

After the prologue, the game takes you on a mission for Zaos Corporation. You encounter an alien vessel and connect with an entity known as Ectype D-7, an attractive and powerful being of technology. You quickly learn that there is more to this ship and A.I. than meets the eye. The artificial intelligence is so advanced she is able to absorb energy from other ships and duplicate them. As well as use a mysterious ability called Omni Link.

Match your abilities against a faceless terror. An enemy called “The Virus” awakens near the edge of the galaxy. Suns are disappearing and planets are dying. No one knows exactly what the Virus is or what it wants. Take the Virus on full force, or select an easier difficulty to breeze through the story.

Key Features:

  • Real-time tactical combat – Defeat ships and absorb them into your fleet. Summon each ship to fight with you in battle. Discover hidden ships with powerful abilities and skills. Influenced by games such as Escape Velocity Nova and Star Control 3.
  • Choices that affect gameplay and story – Dialogue and gameplay choices make every decision you make carry weight. Some will change dialogue in minor ways, but also open paths for completely new dialogue and space events. Even your gameplay actions have consequences. Some are not fully apparent till later and it’s too late to change course.
  • Hand drawn art & epic music – Beautiful art and music accompany your journey. Feel the emotion through epic battle moments and emotions that comes from characters as you take part in the story.
  • Manga adaption – Experience key scenes as if you’re reading a manga.

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