New Trailer, Details for Pokemon Let’s Go Re-Introduce the Elite Four, Red, Blue, and More

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have shared a new trailer, details, and more for Pokemon Let’s Go! Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go! Eevee.

Featured above as well as below, the new trailer re-introduces the original Elite Four – Sabrina, Koga, and Blaine. We also get a look at Team Rocket’s Leader Giovanni and the Elite Four.

Most curiously of all is what appears to be Red and Blue appearing in the game – the canon western names for the main character and rival in the original Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. Their designs also resemble their classic counterparts.

Towards the very end of the trailer we also catch a glimpse of Leaf – the canon name for the female main character in remakes Pokemon Fire Red and Pokemon Leaf Green. She seems to be using her design from the Pokemon Manga however.

Here’s a rundown on the new information:

Take On the Pokemon League!

As you travel through the Kanto region, you will face many challenges, but an ultimate test of your skills will prove if you’re a true Champion!

A Champion is the most powerful Pokemon Trainer in a given region of the Pokemon world. Those who hope to claim that lofty title must face a hurdle, though—the Pokemon League!

In order to become Champion, a Trainer must first defeat the powerful Elite Four that stand in their way. Power up your partner and your party Pokemon, and take on this final challenge!

Meet the Elite Four

Each member of the Elite Four awaiting you at the Pokemon League is a tough and powerful opponent. Work together with your partner Pokemon if you want to stand a chance against them!

“No one can best me when it comes to icy Pokemon.”

You first face off against Lorelei, a master of Ice-type Pokemon!

“We will grind you down with our superior power!”

Your next opponent is Bruno, who trains his Fighting-type Pokemon rigorously.

“I’ll show you how a real Trainer battles!”

You’re in for a scare against the Ghost-type user Agatha!

“You likely know that dragons are Pokemon spoken of in legends!”

The final member of the Elite Four is Lance, who has powerful Dragon-type Pokemon!

Aim to overcome the Elite Four and become a true Pokemon Champion!

In case you missed it, we did a thorough hands-on preview for the game, which you can find here.

Pokémon Let’s Go! Pikachu and Pokémon Let’s Go! Eevee are launching exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, on November 16th.

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