Star Control: Origins Gets Free Multiverse DLC, New 1.1 Update


Stardock Entertainment has released a new pack of DLC for Star Control: Origins alongside a sizeable update for the game.

The game has been expanded with the new and free DLC for its Multiverse, which unlocks access to the Multiverse option on the main menu of the game. This is where players can download mods from other players in the Steam community, and apply them to their own game. You can naturally share your own creations with other players, too.

Through modding you’ll be able access the Adventure Studio, where players can create epic quests that span the entire galaxy, as well as your own custom characters, dialogue options, and more. There are other editors, including ship, and building creation – which lets you really go all out in making new and custom quests. World building is coming later.

Featured above, you can view a new trailer for the DLC and the new update.

Lastly, alongside the Multiverse DLC is the game’s new 1.1 update. This brings with it a host of improvements, including: gameplay and graphics improvements and tweaks, as well as mechanics and game balancing. There’s also a new quest line, new voices for the Free Trandals, and even improved rover physics.

Star Control: Origins is now available for Windows PC, via Steam. In case you missed it, you can find my thorough review for the game here (I highly recommend it!).

Brandon Orselli


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