Sega is Close to Porting Dreamcast Games to Switch

A new interview reveals Sega is close to porting titles from their Dreamcast console over to the Nintendo Switch.

The news comes via Sega M2 CEO Naoki Horii, who talked up porting other classic games to the hybrid console in an interview with Famitsu, initially focused on their Sega Ages compilation for the console.

The M2 boss noted his team is close to successfully emulating Dreamcast games on the Switch, and said while most developers have source code for Dreamcast games and could remake them – for now they’re focusing on possibly emulating them.

It’s worth pointing out this does not mean Sega is actually porting Dreamcast games to Switch, but it’s definitely possible they’ll later give the go ahead for Horii and his team to start porting emulated versions of games to the hybrid console.

The initial release for Sega Ages on Switch includes the following titles: Alex Kidd in Miracle WorldColumns IIGain GroundOut RunPhantasy StarSonic the HedgehogSonic the Hedgehog 2Space HarrierThunder Force AC, and Thunder Force IV.

Brandon Orselli


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