Strange Brigade Gets New DLC Character and Story Campaign

Strange Brigade, the co-op pulp adventure shooter by Rebellion, has just released it’s latest batch of DLC.

The first piece of DLC is The Thrice Damned: Isle of the Dead. This is the first installment of a three part campaign that moves the action to an ancient pirate stronghold in the Mediterranean.

The other piece of DLC is a new character. The American Aviatrix pack adds Tessie Caldwell, a former stunt pilot that has been recruited by the Strange Brigade. Tessie’s arsenal includes a variety of iconic ’30s era firearms that have been heavily modified, and Tessie herself controls the powers of fire and ice.

Both DLC packs are included in the Season Pass. You can check out the trailer for Strange Brigade above. The new paid content is also accompanied by some free additions, including new maps for the Horde and Score Attack modes.

Here’s a rundown of the new DLC packs:

A fortified pirate settlement in an uncharted region of the Mediterranean? Reports of murderous monsters roaming a remote jungle paradise? All in a day’s work for the Strange Brigade!

Welcome, adventurers, to the Isle of the Dead, the first mission in a thrilling new three-part Strange Brigade campaign: The Thrice Damned!

Seteki may have been defeated, but there’s no rest for the wicked, not even for a spot of tea! Expand your Strange Brigade adventure with this new story mission, explore a spooky island solo or in 2-4 player co-op and send legions of evil skeletons back to the sand from whence they came!

A brand new Strange Brigade agent swoops in with a new amulet power and new weapons. Introducing: Tessie Caldwell, rebel of the skies!

A former stunt-pilot, Tessie’s fearlessness caught the eye of the Strange Brigade and now she thrill seeks all over the world, bathing the undead in a hail of fire, ice and bullets from her iconic 1930s firearms.

The American Aviatrix character expansion pack includes playable character Tessie Caldwell and the following:

  • Infernal Firestorm amulet power
  • Hyde & Sons Compact pistol
  • Colbeck Wildfire submachine gun
  • Glacier Bomb special item

All contents of this pack can be used in any mode, either solo and in online co-op.

Strange Brigade is currently available for Windows PC (via Steam and Humble Store), PS4, and Xbox One for $49.99.

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