Pre-Order Bonuses and Retail Version Announced for Tetris Effect

Enhance Games has announced both pre-order bonuses and a retail version for Tetris Effect.

The virtual reality-enabled spin on the classic puzzle game will get a retail version alongside its digital release in all major regions, via publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Here’s a look at the box art:

Pre-orders for the game are now available, and they include both digital goods and discounts. Here’s a rundown on the bonus content:

  • Digital Pre-Order Discount
    All digital pre-orders via the U.S. PlayStation Store, and PlayStation Plus members who pre-order on the European PlayStation Store will get a special 10 percent-off discount up until the November 9 launch day. (Check this link for your local PlayStation Store.)
  • Soundtrack Sampler
    Both physical and digital pre-orders will include a code to download a seven-track Original Soundtrack Sampler, including the fan-favorite song “Connected (Yours Forever)” featured in the Tetris Effect announcement trailer. (Digital pre-orders via the U.S. PlayStation Store will receive this code and be able to redeem it as soon as their pre-order is confirmed.)
  • PlayStation Network Avatars
    Both physical and digital pre-orders will include a code to download seven different PlayStation Network avatars, all based on real in-game avatars you can earn in Tetris Effect by completing various challenges.
  • PlayStation 4 Dynamic Theme
    Both physical and digital pre-orders will include a code to download a custom Tetris Effect PlayStation 4 dynamic theme that also features the oft-requested “Connected (Yours Forever)” song from the game’s debut trailer, as well as a beautiful re-creation of the initial “The Deep” stage from the Tetris Effect game.

Lastly, Enhance Games is teasing more information for the game towards the end of this month, including details on a public demo.

Tetris Effect is launching for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR on November 9th.

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