Google+ is Shutting Down After Company Reveals “Hundreds of Thousands” of Users’ Data Exposed

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We’ve learned Google is shutting down their mostly-forgotten social media network, Google+, after the company quietly announced a ton of users on the service had their private data exposed.

The report (via the Wall Street Journal) notes that at least “hundreds of thousands” of users on the network had their private information exposed. Google did not disclose this information in the spring of this year, out of fear that confirming the security flaw would bring “regulatory scrutiny” as well as “reputational damage.”

The security flaw comes via outside developers being granted potential access to private Google+ user data from sometime in 2015 through March of this year. Once discovered, the issue was resolved and higher ups were briefed on the issue, including Chief Executive Sundar Pichai. The decision was made to not reveal the issue by an internal committee.

Google+ isn’t the only social media network to have fallen prey to security flaws or breaches – recently Facebook announced over 50 million user accounts were compromised by a security breach.

Well, I guess that means the official Niche Gamer Google+ is no more – just in case anyone was using that for our news feed.

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