Liquid Media Acquires Rights to 65 Classic Acclaim Entertainment IPs

Canadian production company Liquid Media Group has acquired the rights to 65 classic intellectual properties that originally belonged to the legendary Acclaim Entertainment.

Liquid Media has acquired a nice chunk of classic game IPs like Bubble Bobble, various Bust A Move titles, and oddly enough – the game adaptation for Street Fighter: The Movie, which is the live-action movie based on the Street Fighter game franchise starring Jean Claude Van-Damme, Raul Julia, and others.

The rights were originally purchased by Throwback Entertainment back in 2006, who sold the 65 properties to Liquid Media. Throwback has been re-purposing older games themselves, with re-releases of titles like TrickStyle for PC and Extreme-G 2, also for PC.

It’s worth pointing out that Liquid Media does not wholly own the rights to these IPs, in fact they only own the rights to the stock-keeping units (SKUs) of the various titles.

This means they have partial rights to reproduce the games but original copyright holders, like Taito’s iconic Bubble Bobble, will present big legal hoops for Liquid Media, as Taito is now owned by Square Enix, and Acclaim Entertainment originally had only rights to publishing the 1996 PC port for Bubble Bobble, while the franchise rights still remain with Taito, and now Square Enix.

Naturally, each game will have to be assessed fully by Liquid Media to see how much use they can make of them with a re-release or something. Here’s the entire list of properties the company now owns the rights to:

  1. AD&D: Iron & Blood
  2. AFL Live 2003
  3. AFL LIVE: Premiership Edition
  4. AFL SIM 04
  5. AFL Sim 04 (Int’l)
  6. All Star Baseball 2000
  7. All Star Baseball 2001
  8. All Star Baseball 2002
  9. All Star Baseball 2003
  10. All Star Baseball 2004
  11. All Star Baseball 2005
  12. All Star Baseball 2006*
  13. All Star Baseball ‘97
  14. All Star Baseball ‘99
  15. Antz Racing
  16. Battle Monsters
  17. Big Foot
  18. Big Hurt Baseball
  19. Blast Lacrosse
  20. Brain Drain
  21. Bubble Bobble
  22. Bust A Move 1999
  23. Bust A Move 2
  24. Bust A Move 4
  25. Bust A Move Millennium
  26. College Slam
  27. Cutthroat Island
  28. Cyberoid
  29. Darius Gaiden
  30. Dirt Trax FX
  31. Dragonheart: Fire & Steel
  32. Ducati World Racing
  33. Foreman For Real
  34. Foreman’s KO Boxing
  35. Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball
  36. Galactic Attack
  37. George Foreman KO Boxing
  38. Impact Racing
  39. Jupiter Strike
  40. Killing Zone
  41. Kwirk
  42. Magic: The Gathering – Battlemage
  43. NBA Jam 1999
  44. NBA Jam 2000
  45. NBA Jam 2001
  46. NBA Jam 2002
  47. NBA Jam Extreme
  48. NFL Quarterback Club
  49. NFL Quarterback Club 1996
  50. NFL Quarterback Club 1997
  51. NFL Quarterback Club 1998
  52. NFL Quarterback Club 1999
  53. NFL Quarterback Club 2000
  54. NFL Quarterback Club 2001
  55. NFL Quarterback Club 2002
  56. NFL Quarterback Club Challenge
  57. NHL Breakaway 1998
  58. NHL Breakaway 1999
  59. Street Fighter: The Movie
  60. Striker
  61. Striker 1996
  62. Super Bust A Move
  63. Tee-Off
  64. Virtual Open Tennis
  65. Wetrix

Liquid Media noted they have plans to remaster these classics with improved graphics that somehow build upon the original releases.

Which of these classic IPs would you like to see remastered, re-released, or possible rebooted? Sound off in the comments below!

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