Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Limited Edition Confirmed for the U.S.

The official Super Smash Bros. Ultimate website has updated with a Limited Edition Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

The controller comes with white grips and a translucent grey body with the Smash Bros logo printed on it. We believe the case behind it is a steelbook game case.

It should be noted that listings of the UK Limited Edition of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate comes with the steelbook gamecase, a Gamecube Controller and adapter. Right now, we do not know if you can buy the Switch Pro Controller separately from the game, if it will come bundled with a limited edition of the game, or even its price.

My Nintendo News is claiming the controller will release on December 7th- coinciding with the release of the game. However, we cannot find official word on this date on the official website or Nintendo social media.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is launching on December 7th for the Nintendo Switch.

In case you missed it, you can find our first hands on gameplay for the game, complete with audio commentary+impressions, here.

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