First Trailer for Life is Strange 2 Confirms Story Details and Main Characters – Brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz

Square Enix and Dontnod has properly revealed Life is Strange 2.

Featured above, the debut trailer was shown off for the game, and it introduces the two main characters: brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz.

Both of the Diaz brothers have their lives changed when a shooting goes down in near their home in Seattle, Washington. Following this, both brothers are on the run from the police, and are trying to make it to their family home in Puerto Lobos, Mexico.

As the game is thus a road trip, you’ll be mostly controlling the older brother, Sean, while exploring and growing with Daniel. Dontnod mentioned the game has some kind of “new power,” but failed to mention the nature of this ability at the time of publication.

The trailer hints at some kind of telekinetic ability hinted at in spinoff game The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. In case you missed it, you can find my review for that game here.

The first of five episodes for Life is Strange 2 will launch across Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 27th.

Brandon Orselli


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