Ex-World of Warcraft Devs New Survival-Action Game “Rend” Hits Early Access on July 31

Frostkeep Studios, a team made up of former World of Warcraft and League of Legends developers, have announced the Early Access launch date for their debut game, Rend.

The new survival action game will launch for Windows PC via Steam Early Access on July 31st, for $29.99. Featured above, you can view a new teaser trailer for the game’s coming launch. In case you missed it, you can find our previous report for the game here.

The Early Access version currently has the following features implemented, with more planned to be released even in Early Access:

  • Base building: defensive structures, crafting stations, decor, and more
  • FPS combat: compelling shooter gameplay with a large variety of weapons
  • Crafting and research: craft hundreds of items and research new technologies to increase your capabilities
  • Skill system: a broad set of skills that level up and reward players for most activities in the game
  • Talents: customize your character with four unique talent trees as you level up
  • Mounts: venture into the spirit realm to capture mountable companions
  • Artifact weapons: find and collect ultra-powerful artifact weapons to dominate your enemies
  • Base raiding: invade enemy factions’ bases to steal resources and ultimately wipe them out
  • AI invasions: defend your base against hordes of AI attackers
  • Win or lose: full support for your faction to win or lose on your chosen server
  • Custom servers: run your own server and customize its ruleset to your liking
  • Survival mechanics: resource harvesting, environmental danger, hunger and thirst

It’s worth pointing out that Rend is fully playable from start to finish. The developers are looking to add lots of content and systems, however nothing is missing from the core experience.

Here’s some new screenshots and artwork:

Frostkeep describe the game as a large-scale multiplayer action game focused on challenging the norms of the multiplayer survival genre. Set within the fabled universe of Nordic myth, players will choose out of three factions and battle for the right to ascend to Valhalla.

As the game is attempting to combine a myriad of features from multiple online genres, Frostkeep is looking to have Rend in Early Access for six to twelve months.

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