Monster Hunter Frontier ZZ Announced, Launches Fall 2018 in Japan

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Capcom has announced Monster Hunter Frontier ZZ (pronounced “Double Zed”) during a new livestream.

The latest game in the franchise is coming this fall in Japan (at 53:05 mark). A teaser website is also live. The game is likely to be an improved version of Monster Hunter Frontier Z, which itself was an improved version of Monster Hunter Frontier G.

Monster Hunter Frontier Z was available for Wii U, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and Xbox 360. Monster Hunter Frontier ZZ has no conformation on which platforms it will be on. Japanese Nintendo reports it will be “expected to be the first entry to skip Wii U since Monster Hunter Frontier G”.

The livestream also confirmed a collaboration with Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud, by having a new weapon called the Magnet Spike introduced into Monster Hunter Frontier ZZ.

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