New Gundam Breaker Out Now for PS4

Bandai Namco Entertainment US has announced the release New GUNDAM BREAKER on PS4 today.

Players can collect parts they break off of enemy Gunpla, and use them to build their own Gundam. You can even replace some of your body parts during combat. 3v3 online co-op is also available.

In addition to new Gunpla, all Gunpla from the previous games will also appear (aside from SD Gundams).

Info via Bandai Namco Entertainment US:

Get ready to BUILD, BREAK, and ASSEMBLE! Test your skills in the battlefield with mobile suits from all across the #Gundam metaverse, then customize your own suit to battle your opponents online! Paint and assemble different parts to build the ultimate mobile suit, and take your battle online to prove your strength! http://bandainam.co/NGBBundle

New GUNDAM BREAKER is AVAILABLE NOW for PS4! The PC version will be available in the summer of 2018, so please stay tuned for more information.

New GUNDAM BREAKER is out now on PS4, with the PC version coming sometime this summer.

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