Sony is Considering “Various Options” for PS Vita

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While the western branch of Sony has fully turned its back on the PlayStation Vita by ending production of physical game cartridges for the system, the outlook for the black sheep of Sony hardware isn’t all that bleak.

A new interview with Bloomberg Japan and Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO John Kodera has the Sony boss saying the company is considering “various options around PS Vita.”

Kodera’s remarks come after his predecessor, Andrew House, who in the fall of last year said that portable gaming market doesn’t have that much potential. Kodera noted that while PlayStation 4 and PS Vita are separate platforms, Sony is still looking for ways to provide unique gaming experiences.

In another statement, Kodera noted that while the PlayStation 4 is now in the final stage of its life cycle, Sony will spend the next three years preparing for their next hardware release. This means we won’t see totally new hardware from Sony for a few years at least.

It’s worth reiterating that Sony Japan is going to continue producing physical PS Vita game cartridges, a region where the handheld has typically sold better in terms of hardware and software.

PlayStation Vita first launched back in 2011 for Japan, followed later by North America and Europe in 2012.

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