Valve Re-Launches Their Website, Teases “Top Secret” New Games

While Valve is mostly known for their wildly popular Steam client, the company used to make video games pretty regularly. Despite this, they recently acquired Firewatch developer Campo Santo (who are working on the game In the Valley of the Gods), and are internally working on the card-battling game Artifact.

Now, the company has relaunched their corporate website and naturally fans (including us) began to tear apart literally every nook and cranny of the public-facing bits on the website.

Most notably, the website mentions the company has “top secret” new games in development.

Furthermore, there are some job listings that mention things like “using entity scripting to create cinematic sequences in gameplay” for a new level designer, as well as a writer that is focused in “cinematic and narrative video game writing.”

While this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo is just around the corner, I wouldn’t get your hopes up just yet. This is Valve we’re talking about, a company notorious for not delivering a third sequel to a beloved franchise. Regardless, sound off in the comments below with what you’re hoping to see from Valve!

Brandon Orselli


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