Prima Games to Publish New “Women in Gaming” Novel

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Prima Games has announced they’re publishing a new book focused on female creators in the gaming industry, titled simply Women in Gaming: 100 Pioneers of Play.

The new book was handled by Meagan Marie, senior community manager at Crystal Dynamics (formerly a Game Informer editor), who interviewed one hundred female developers in the gaming industry across a multitude of studios.

Here’s a list of the notable women featured in the book:

  • Ashly Burch​: Emmy-winning writer and voice actress
  • Carol Shaw: ​Early industry programmer, designer, and Industry Icon award recipient
  • Tracy Fullerton: ​Designer and director of USC Game Innovation Lab
  • Amy Hennig: ​Senior creative director and Writers Guild of America award winner
  • Emily Greer: ​Cofounder and CEO of Kongregate
  • Perrin Kaplan: ​Former vice president of marketing for Nintendo of America
  • Jane Ng: ​Senior game artist at Campo Santo
  • Patricia Vance: ​Longtime ESRB president and founder of the International Age Rating Coalition
  • Karisma Williams: ​Xbox and Oculus VR Senior UI/UX Designer
  • Rebecca Heineman:​ Programmer and founding member of Interplay Productions

It’s worth pointing out all the aforementioned developers are known for their work in the western gaming industry – it remains to be seen if any female Japanese gaming developers were included in this work.

Women in Gaming: 100 Pioneers of Play is launching on November 6th for $24.99. Pre-orders are available here via the Prima Games store.

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