New Samurai Shodown Action Game Announced for Smartphones

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SNK has announced Samurai Shodown: Oborozuki Densetsu.

The new Japanese-styled action game is being developed for smartphones by studio Ledo, and will be distributed exclusively by Chinese publisher Tencent. Featured above, you can view the announcement trailer for the new title.

The game lets players choose between classes like ninja, swordsman, and even maiden as they fight against an unknown yet evil force. Despite being a smartphone title, the game will utilize new techniques like an inventive control scheme, carefree questing, and a robust guild system.

Fan-favorite characters like Hoamaru and Nakoruru will appear in the game. Characters are voiced by popular Japanese seiyuu like Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Saori Hayami, and more.

An open beta is planned for next month, but exclusively for Chinese users.

Brandon Orselli


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