Sega Teasing a “Huge” Announcement for Sega Fes 2018

Sega is hyping up this year’s Sega Fes event with a big reveal of sorts.

The company’s North American and European Twitter accounts both hyped up a potential reveal at the event.

“Stay tuned for a special announcement tomorrow, LIVE and direct from Sega Fes in Tokyo,” Sega America said on Twitter. “You DO NOT want to miss this, Sega fans!”

The European branch also hyped things up a bit more in another tweet: “We have a HUGE announcement coming live from Sega Fes in the heart of Tokyo tomorrow. It will be in the early hours for those of you in Europe but you DO NOT want to miss it! Watch this space!”

Previously, Shining Resonance Refrain producer Makoto Suzuki teased a potential reveal for the Shining series at the event.

This year’s Sega Fes goes down tomorrow, April 14th, in Akihabara.

Brandon Orselli


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