$2700 Official Mega Man Bicycle Announced

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Japanese bicycle manufacturer Khodaa Bloom has announced (via Cyclist) a special, limited-edition bike for Mega Man’s 30th anniversary.

Featured above, the new bike is currently up for pre-order via authorized Khodaa Bloom retailers. The company is expecting to deliver the bikes a month after they’re ordered, and they’re only available domestically to Japanese buyers – so if you’re looking to import you’ll need to do it through a third party.

Here’s some more shots of the bike and its various Mega Man homages:

What’s more – the price tag on this bike is quite expensive considering it doesn’t have the many frills high-end bicycles tend to have, and it costs 290,000 yen. If that sounds like a lot, it is – the American Dollar equivalent is roughly $2700.

Fans of the Mega Man series don’t quite feel left behind after all – Capcom recently announced Mega Man 11, as well as re-releases for classic Mega Man titles on modern consoles.

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