Niche Gamer Patreon Update – February 2018

Hey guys – it’s Brandon here, the owner and EIC of Niche Gamer. This is your February 2018 Patreon update and overall progress report.

As the new year has come and gone, we’ve been trying to focus on improving our website, our performance, and our overall coverage and content output. We’ve done a bunch of upgrades on the backend of the website to mostly improve the overall stability and speed of the website.

If you follow us on YouTube, you might have noticed we’ve been livestreaming new and upcoming games at least once a week now. We’ve also been doing several giveaways, sometimes during streams and sometimes with our new reviews. Expect further livestreams and more giveaways in the future!

Last year, had our very first community poll for the 2017 game of the year, and the clear winner was NieR: Automata! We also did a staff poll for the GOTY, and the Niche Gamer 2017 game of the year was once again — NieR: Automata!

To celebrate, we had our mascot, Mika, designed like 2B!

As always, our traffic has been consistently rising or coming in with regular and healthy numbers. Most of our userbase are returning fans, and we constantly get newcomers via social media and naturally with our content being shared quite a bit. Our community has never been stronger, and we couldn’t be happier!

We’re still working on some backend things with our server but we are still on track to launch our anime/Asian culture sister site in the near future. Please stay tuned! Our main goal here at Niche Gamer has always been to provide you with constant updates, reviews, videos, and fun+original content – all the while keeping our community censorship free and open to all walks of life.

If you haven’t backed us on Patreon, check us out! We also accept one time donations via our PayPal, over on our donation page. If you simply want to keep browsing the site for free, please consider whitelisting us so we can remain independent and keep the lights on.

We’re ramping up our plans for this year’s Game Developers Conference, PAX East, and eventually – E3! Expect more aggressive levels of content from each show. Thank you guys again – we love you!

Niche Gamer Staff


The staff at Niche Gamer are crazy passionate about the same games that we cover and play every day. Please feel free to contact us any time!