Metal Max Xeno Western Release Confirmed, New Character Misaki and Flakpanzer 22 Tank Detailed

Kadokawa Games has announced (via 4Gamer) a western release for Metal Max Xenotheir upcoming post-apocalyptic RPG.

The game will launch in North America, Europe, and Asia following its Japanese release on April 19th. While the Japanese release is confirmed for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, details for the western release will be announced by publishers for each region at a later time.

This makes the game the first entry in the Metal Max series to be released in the west since 2006’s Metal Saga for PlayStation 2, as well as the second title ever in the 20+ year old franchise.

Alongside the localization news is a new character, Misaki, and a new tank, the Flakpanzer 22:

Misaki (voice by Yubu Kobayashi)

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 26

Misaki is described as a survivor that kept exploring by himself. He’s an attractive man with physical features that can easily mistake him for a woman, combined with the thin frame beauty models typically have. He’s a fighter that focuses on his intelligence, with a lifelong pursuit of what caused the apocalypse.

The Flakpanzer 22 is the personal tank for Misaki, the vehicle he’s used to explore through the post-apocalyptic world in his pursuit of figuring out what nearly wiped out mankind. It’s a repurposed Flakpanzer type tank, meaning it’s an anti-air capable assault vehicle. It has two anti-air cannons as its main weapons, and it naturally has an advantage on fighting airborne enemies.

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