King Dedede Shows Off His Bulbous and Impressive Lumps in Kirby: Star Allies

Nintendo has shown off a tiny new glimpse at the returning Kirby series villain King Dedede in the upcoming Kirby Star Allies.

Featured above, the new video was shared by the Kirby series 25th Anniversary Twitter, which shows off the blue-penguin-thing’s new transformation. He gets really buff and upgrades his chest to what appear to be at least D-cups.

It’s possible the above video also shows off one of the boss fights with Dedede, which appears to to focus on a stone-like temple with pillars everywhere. Dedede climbs up the pillars, swings off them, and can even slam his big fists down from them.

Kirby: Star Allies launches for the Nintendo Switch on March 16th, worldwide.

Brandon Orselli


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