Game Boy Makes a Comeback via Hyperkin

I have many fond memories of the original Game Boy, considering it was the first truly portable form of gaming for me – and many others. While Nintendo is only up to re-releasing the Super Nintendo at this point, Hyperkin has beaten them to the punch with an unofficial reproduction of the original Game Boy.

The Los Angeles-based peripheral and hardware manufacturer revealed (via Gizmodo) what they’re tentatively calling the “Ultra Game Boy” at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Here’s a look at the new hardware:

The chassis itself is made of aluminum as opposed to the original Game Boy’s plastic shell, and even has the same volume and contrast dials the original piece had. However, there’s a glorious backlighting to the LCD display, which you can turn off for the authentic Game Boy experience.

As per the source, the display can show the “entire RGB spectrum,” and with the added speculation (Editor’s Note: It’s not confirmed it can play Game Boy Color cartridges. We’ve reached out to Hyperkin) it can even play Game Boy Color cartridges as well, you’ll be able to have both that monochromatic and the full-color look each generation of Game Boy had in one unit.

As for batteries, the Ultra Game Boy packs a 6-hour rated lithium ion battery and a USB-C port for charging, and a pair of stereo speakers over the original Game Boy’s singular speaker. If you’re into chiptunes, the handset is also being “customized for chiptune musicians.”

Hyperkin is looking to have the Ultra Game Boy out by late summer of this year, for a price point under $100.

Brandon Orselli


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