Niche Spotlight – Regalia: of Men and Monarchs, Cheerful and Tactical RPG That’s Like Disgaea Meets Persona

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Regalia: of Men and Monarchs is a loving homage to classic turn-based Japanese RPGs, and we actually wrote about it back when it was on Kickstarter. Now, the game has been fully released and it’s been polished to a mirror finish.

We described the game like “Disgaea meets Persona,” and that definitely still holds true as the finished product has all the planned social links, story progression, and of course – party based, tactical combat on a grid. Featured above, you can view the latest trailer for the game.

Players will enter a “cheerful fantasy world” filled with weirdness and wonder, with the ultimate goal being the retaking and proper rebuilding of your kingdom. You can also make new friends along the way and do lots of random things and develop “the ultimate team of misfits.”

Here are the game’s key features:

  • Robust turn-based battles with varied objectives and lots of viable strategies
  • 6 various regions to explore, each filled with battles, adventures, bosses and more!
  • More than 20 unique characters to meet, recruit or befriend. Foster relationships and create the ultimate team of misfits!
  • All you need to be a successful king: town management, diplomacy, expeditions
  • A light-hearted story with tons of humour and a fair amount of epicness
  • Over 30 hours of gameplay
  • Huge replayability factor: you won’t discover all the content in just one playthrough
  • Craft new, powerful weapons
  • Beautiful graphics with hand-drawn 2D backgrounds
  • Orchestral soundtrack composed by Game Audio Factory (Endless Legend, Endless Space, Furi)
  • Professional English voice acting
  • Samurai dwarves!

Polish studio Pixelated Milk developed the game over the course of a few years, including the work put into the game before its Kickstarter campaign.

You can find Regalia: of Men and Monarchs here on Steam and here on GOG for PC, Mac, and Linux. A PlayStation 4 and PS Vita release for the game is planned.

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