First Look at Single Player in Harebrained Schemes’ BattleTech Strategy Game

Harebrained Schemes have provided the first look at the single-player campaign in their upcoming tactical strategy game, BattleTech.

Featured above, the new snippet of  gameplay was presented by both BattleTech creator and game director Jordan Weisman and game producer Mitch Gitelman. The footage reveals the huge Argo ship, which serves as your main hub in between deployments.

The Argo is made up of various stations, including: the Mech Bay, the spartan Captain’s Quarters, the Command Center, and Navigation. There’s a whole host of stuff to dig into here, including your budget as an operating mercenary unit.

Harebrained are planning at least three modes of play in BattleTechincluding the aforementioned single-player mercenary campaign, single-player skirmish, and multiplayer skirmish. Even after you complete the single-player, you can continue your conquest by accepting new contracts.

BattleTech will launch sometime later this year across PC, Mac, and Linux, via Steam.

Brandon Orselli


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