Ultra-Gory FPS STRAFE Launches With Movie That’s Also Completely Insane

Pixel Titans and publisher Devolver Digital have released their highly-anticipated throwback first-person shooter, Strafe.

While the game channels that ultra-gory nostalgic feeling many of us gaming enthusiasts had in the 1990’s, they also released a short movie (featured above) to celebrate the game’s launch.

The movie goes above and beyond in not just recapturing gaming’s ridiculous marketing past, it pulls no punches in being ludicrously bloody as well. The movie even has the tell-tale signs of old VHS tapes, banding and all.

“Strafe changes everything you’ve ever known or will know about Strafe,” said Devolver Digital’s totally-real CFO Fork Parker. “It’s the next generation of the last generation and we’re not all that sure gamers will be able to handle that sort of power.”

Here’s a rundown on the game:

SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: The Surgeon General was brutally murdered by STRAFE®.

STRAFE is a roguelike first-person shooter pushing the limits of computer-generated photorealism and hardcore sci-fi action into unimaginable territory.

With virtually no load times and infinite replayability, just choose your gun and be instantly blown away by:

  • FACE MELTING SPEED! The blazing fast action will hit you like the blast wave of a 50 megaton thermonuclear warhead, liquefying your skin cells and rupturing your internal organs. Yet still leave you coming back for more.
  • PERMANENT DAMAGE AND GIBS! ÜBER-GORE® technology means enemies explode with near never-ending fountains of blood, which never fades away. Create wicked works of death art that mark your explored territory from the unventured.
  • ENDLESS CHANGING LEVELS! Randomly-generated levels are always different and violently unpredictable. Rooms, enemies, power ups, monster closets, and secrets move around every time you die and die and die and die!

As a Scrapper on a impossibly dangerous mission at the edge of the galaxy, you only have one life to navigate all the nightmarish terrains of STRAFE. When you die, nothing will ever be the same again.


  • Four unique zones (three levels each) that demand different death-defying gameplay styles
  • Gun upgrades that turn your average tool of death into an outright Holocaust machine
  • 30+ insane weapons and 20+ blood-thirsty enemies
  • Wild _______*
  • The sickest soundtrack of 1996 and at least the next 25 years
  • Unsigned 32 bit colors!
  • Lifelike digital gravity
  • Colored lighting!
  • STRAFE®!

Strafe is available now on PC and Mac via Steam, GOG, and Humble, as well as PlayStation 4 via the PlayStation Network.

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