Niche Spotlight – Loria: A Promising 2D RTS Inspired by Classic Warcraft

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Indie developer Erik Vinclav is working on a new real-time strategy game that is sure to tickle the fancy of many old grognards such as myself. Titled simply Loria, the new RTS is built in the vein of the classics we saw during the heyday of the genre, in 2D with glorious sprites.

Inspired by the likes of Warcraft, Starcraft, Dune, and even Red Alert, the goal with Loria is to bring the best concepts from RTS classics and build them within a modern user-experience. This includes smooth controls, challenging AI, nice but reminiscent visuals, and lots of replayability.

Featured above, you can view a new trailer for the game. Loria will also reportedly bring with it RPG elements, like having quest driven missions, hero units, veteran units, and a focus on decision making that will change up how the story unfolds.

Here are the game’s planned features thus far:

  • 2 Playable races (Humans, Chaos), each with a single-player campaign
  • Strong story-telling
  • Multiple environments (Summer, Winter, Dungeon, Chaos)
  • Hero leveling system
  • Quest oriented missions
  • Improved AI
  • Enhanced user controls

Loria has already been greenlit on Steam, and is currently seeking funds on Indiegogo to complete its development.

Right now there’s also a pretty meaty playable demo, which you can download here. Vinclav is planning on releasing the game for PC, Mac, and Linux sometime in January of next year.

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