Crystal Dynamics Get Bigger and Better Studio

Square Enix has announced Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics has moved into a bigger and better studio.

“After months of planning, building, and some very late nights for the construction crew, we’ve just moved into our glorious new state-of-the-art studio!” Crystal Dynamics co-studio head Scot Amos said in a press release. “We have some great new amenities, from hydraulic desks for everyone to adjust as they like, to black-out shades and light absorption paint for those darkness-loving developers.”

Their new studio offers a further refined working space, even more offices and conference rooms, and even a dedicated “dallies” review room that sports the “latest and greatest gear.”

“We’ve expanded to six fully equipped sound proof audio rooms too,” Amos elaborated. “With the growth of our team, we’ve also increased our studio meeting area and naturally outfitted it with tons of next-gen 4K screens, as well as dedicated console and PC gaming stations next to the huge new kitchen. Lastly, we’ve added two specialty rooms for optimal development efficiency: a photogrammetry capture space and our very own, on-site, fully equipped Motion Capture stage!”

The announcement of the newer studio comes after Square Enix’s bold new multi-game project based on Marvel’s The Avengers, where Crystal Dynamics is working directly with Marvel.

Brandon Orselli


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