Niche Spotlight – Cerebrawl: Indie 2D Fighter Brimming With Style and Promise

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Zero Dimension is a small independent studio made up of passionate fighting game fans, and they’re working on their very own 2D fighter that could give the veteran franchises a run for their money.

Titled simply Cerebrawl, the new 2D fighter boasts hand-drawn visuals+animations, and tight gameplay. Featured above, you can view some gameplay of the latest build the game is running in.

Cerebrawl is described as a 2-versus-2 tag-team fighting game for PC, and its being developed completely independently, via fan donations and purchasing early copies of the game. For now, the game is in a prototype phase, and has the current features implemented:

  • 2v2 4-player gameplay
  • 80% of Helen
  • All of Helen’s normals
  • Special attacks
  • Level 1 super attack
  • All attack animations are colored, shaded and in their final state
  • Super meter
  • Assist meter
  • Hard tagging
  • Assists

One of the standout features in any good fighting game is an addictive soundtrack, and boy does Cerebrawl have an awesome soundtrack already, via DJ and composer 2 Mello. You can get a listen below:


While you can play with one or two players in training, you can also play with up to four players in competitive mode. There’s a whole host of features planned, including: throws, air-dashing, command normals, wall slams and ground bounces, 7 or more new characters, online play, stage breaks, and 1v1 or 1v2 modes.

If you want to buy into the game and support its development, head on over to their official website (or itch.io) and pick your level of purchase.

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