Konami Reveals the Cute and Sexy Bombergirl for Japanese Arcades

Konami has announced (via 4GamerBombergirl for Japanese arcades.

Described as a four-player cooperative battling title, the game obviously drops the Bomberman theme for a totally moe one filled with girls. It’s also worth mentioning it seems like there’s clothing destruction, because why not.

Here’s the first footage of the game in action:

You’ll be tasked with raising cute Bombergirls, and destroy your opponents base before they can destroy yours. At the end of a match, a large button appears – Konami teases what it does.

A release date for Bombergirl wasn’t confirmed. If you’re looking for a more traditional Bomberman game, Konami is releasing Super Bomberman R for the Nintendo Switch, on March 3rd.

Brandon Orselli


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