No Man’s Sky Designer Leaves to Work on Star Citizen


The only space simulator to probably eclipse No Man’s Sky in terms of hype and sheer ambition is easily Star Citizen, the insanely-funded MMORPG space simulator from Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games. Now, we’ve learned (via iDigital Times) the game’s lead designer has left the former to work on the latter.

The news comes via Gareth Bourn’s LinkedIn profile, in which he now lists himself as the former design lead on No Man’s Sky, only to now be currently working on Squadron 42 as the campaign developer within studio Foundry42, as of last month.

Prior to switching to the other side of the ultra-ambitious space simulator spectrum, Bourn spent six years at Hello Games, working on Joe Danger all the way to No Man’s Sky.

Both games have had equal numbers of problems, most notably feature creep – or in the case of No Man’s Sky a complete lack thereof. With the lead designer on the game departed, it’ll be curious to see how much of the game’s original vision will actually be realized.

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Brandon Orselli


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