Data-Miners Reveal Generation 2 Pokemon Coming to Pokemon Go


We’ve learned that Pokemon’s second generation of critters may be coming to Pokémon Go sooner than we thought.

Data miners over on The Silph Road have found 100 new Pokemon in the most recent update for the game, including a new “Transform” move.

Here’s a breakdown of what they’ve found:

One New Move Has Been Added to the Game:

  • It is a quick move (as opposed to a charge/special move).
  • Transform now appears both in the GAME_MASTER file with its own animation sequence (as all moves have) and the APK code itself, as the only new move addition yet since the game launched

100 New Pokémon Are Now Referenced in the Game’s Code:

  • Pokedex #152 (Chikorita) to #251 Celebi
  • Moveset data has not appeared for the 100 new species, but a server-side update may be all that is needed for them to begin appearing in-game

52 New Pokémon Families Now Appear:

  • Again from Chikorita to Celebi
  • Includes Ho-Oh and Lugia, etc.

Pokémon GO is currently available for both iOS and Android.

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