Sunless Sea Dev Announced Sci-fi Follow-up Sunless Skies


Sunless Sea developer Failbetter Games has announced a sequel to their Victorian-themed nautical adventure, dubbed simply Sunless Skies.

The game is described as being “rich with stories,” with the “Victorian Empire” set in space. This “High Wilderness” is likened to a “blistering, wonderful night,” where the Empress has abandoned London on Earth, leading an exodus to forge a new British Empire.

The name comes from the game’s main theme: the stars dying. “The stars are the Judgements: the inventors, arbiters and enforcers of the universe’s laws – but a revolution has begun, and the stars are being murdered,” reads the game’s description.

While Sunless Sea was a top-down, exploratory game, Failbetter is saying the sequel will “elaborate” from the original, with the team “enhancing the stuff we liked, and refining the experience.” As for its difficulty, expect it to be a “punishing game, but respectful of your time.”

Sunless Skies is currently in pre-production, meaning they’re working on conceptual art, mechanics, and concepts. Failbetter Games will put the game up on Kickstarter next February, after which an Early Access release is planned.

Brandon Orselli


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