Nioh Artwork Reveals New Characters Tokugawa Ieyasu nnd Kunoichi Okatsu

nioh 08-17-16-(4)

With the deadline of Nioh’s current release window (sometime this year) drawing ever closer, it’s amazing how little we’ve gotten to know about the game beyond the demo. Today, however, Koei Tecmo has released some artwork of two characters. one of which many of us probably know from the history books.

First up is Tokugawa Ieyasu [VA: Masachika Ichimura], the first man who managed to unite Japan and was made the first Shogun after the Sengoku period.

Second is Okastu [VA: Emi Takei], a beautiful Kunoichi who is working under the tutelage of Hattori Hanzo. She despises the Samurai of the Sengoku Era, and is driven by that same hate.

While it’s unfortunate that we still haven’t heard anything about a release date as of yet, it’s heartening to see Koei Tecmo put out more information for the game. NiOh will be a PS4 exclusive when it launches worldwide.

Chris Gregoria


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