Suda51 Wants a Killer7 Remaster

killer7 06-03-15-1

During a panel at this year’s PAX West, Grasshopper Manufacture boss and creative mastermind Goichi ‘Suda51’ Suda expressed his interest in remastering yet another game.

While the panel (via Hardcore Gamer) was focused on the remaster of The Silver Case (which is being co-developed by Playism and Grasshopper Manufacture), Suda brought up his want to remaster Killer7, which some consider to be his most iconic game to date.

Suda expressed his want to remaster the game by saying he’s going to begin talks with Capcom (the game’s original publisher). However, a quick note was made in that no concrete plans to make the remaster happen are currently made.

Killer7 was originally released back in 2005 for both the PlayStation 2 and the Nintendo Gamecube.

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