Standalone Expansion “Rivals” Announced for High-Fantasy 4X Sorcerer King

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Stardock has announced a new expansion for their high-fantasy 4X strategy game, Sorcerer King.

Titled simply “Rivals,” the new standalone expansion enables players to finally battle the Sorcerer King himself, by becoming gods themselves. The expansion is due out sometime later this summer.

Here are the expansion’s key features:

  • New Ascension Victory
    Learn the Ascension spell and consume the shards before the Sorcerer King gets to them first. Amass ascension points to become a god before the Sorcerer King casts his spell, and win the game.
  • New Factions
    Turn the land into frozen mountainsides and enhance your warriors as Bazzal the Dwarven King, Sovereign of the Frozen Realm faction or collect bone fragments from vanquished foes and raise armies of the undead with Valemor the Archmage, Sovereign of the Necromancer faction.
  • New Lieutenants
    Three new lieutenants of the Sorcerer King wait to challenge you! Two lieutenants out of the list of five will appear randomly every game to oppose you. Face down against the Shadow Dragon Nabunihr, test your might against the Crystal Serpent Abeix, or train your bows on the great bird, Corvos, Bringer of Storms.
  • New Quests
    Experience brand new adventure by embarking on never-before-seen quest lines! Enjoy the witty writing and light humor in the face of the world’s destruction as you gather unique ingredients and recipes to craft better weapons and armor for your army.
  • New Quest Editor
    Become the author of your own adventures with this user-friendly quest editor! Write the quest text, craft your decisions, and decide on the rewards. Your quest will automatically become part of the game when saved.
  • New Steam Workshop Support
    Tightly integrated workshop support lets you easily share your creations with the rest of the world! Download maps and quests created by others and explore all of the new possibilities for adventure.

Sorcerer King Rivals will set you back $29.99 by itself, however if you own the original Sorcerer King you can buy it for only $9.99.

In case you missed it, you can find our review for Sorcerer King here (we highly recommend it).

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