First Details, Trailer for Koei Tecmo’s Berserk Game, Early Copies Have Wet Casca Outfit

Koei Tecmo has shared (via 4Gamer) the first trailer, new screenshots, and real details for their upcoming Berserk musou game.

The Omega Force-developed action game will see players acting out the iconic story of Berserk, from the Golden Age Arc through the end of the Millennium Falcon Arc.

There will be various characters included, popular and lesser known, with the major characters having their voice actors reprise their roles.

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Fans will be able to also see interaction amongst the members from the Band of the Hawk not seen in the various animated reproductions.

This also includes some of the more grotesque scenes depicted in the anime, however specifics in regards to this weren’t confirmed.

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Playing as Guts, players will be able to kill and crush their enemies with his signature moves and overwhelming power.

This includes his massive sword, as well as his later equipment and abilities.

berserk 06-23-16-1

It’s also worth pointing out that first-run copies of the game in Japan come with a download code for a “Wet Casca” costume, featured above.

Berserk is launching across PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita in Japan on September 21st (the PS3 version is download only), while the western release also gets a PC version – which hasn’t been dated yet.

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