Discovery Age-Focused Neo Atlas 1469 is Revealed for PS Vita

neo atlas 1469 06-22-16-1

Japanese developer Artdink has revealed a new game, Neo Atlas 1469.

We’ve gotten the first screenshots and details from this week’s Famitsu. The new PS Vita game is a revival of sorts of their cartography and discovery-age based simulation franchise.

neo atlas 1469 06-22-16-3

The game is set in the aforementioned Age of Discovery, where mankind has yet to explore and chart the entire planet. Players will begin in Europe as a Portuguese merchant, who is tasked with acting as a merchant while exploring and mapping out the unknown.

neo atlas 1469 06-22-16-2
neo atlas 1469 06-22-16-4

Periodically, players will have to listen to reports from their superiors, which can range from generating new maps of yet-to-be-explored areas, and maybe even sea monsters. As you explore these uncharted lands, you’ll update the map accordingly to what you see firsthand.

neo atlas 1469 06-22-16-5

Neo Atlas 1469 is launching for PS Vita in Japan on October 27th.

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