Here Is Some New Persona 5 Gameplay From Atlus At This Year’s E3

During their unstreamed conference at this year’s E3, Atlus showed off a significant amount of new gameplay for their upcoming JRPG Persona 5.

The new footage (via IGN) shows off a better look at what the city life, with various activites, jobs and restaurants the player can visit.

We also get a better look at gameplay, including some glimpses of combat and dungeon crawling. Negotiations seem to be making a return from the Persona 2 duology, although they seem to act quite differently from negotiations in the Persona 2 duology.

And finally, although not shown in the video, we did get a glimpse of the English cast via Morgana, who will be voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris.

Persona 5 is set to release in Japan on September 15th and in North America on February 14th for the PS4 and PS3.

Alexis Nascimento-Lajoie


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