Capcom Looking to Possibly Bring Back Old Franchises

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It seems as though Capcom may have some interest into bringing back some of their old franchises, if their Fiscal Year Q&A Summary are anything to go by.

One of the questions in the summary asked what impact has organizational restructuring`of development has had on the Consumer business, to which they responded with this:

Compared to before the restructuring, we have made profitability improvements via administration of the roadmap and increasing the ratio of internally developed titles. However, at the same time we have increased our development workforce, thus we must pay greater attention to management of development. We also possess a vast library of content in which there remains multiple IP that have not yet been utilized to their full potential—these issues we will handle moving forward. Moreover, we will endeavor for further profitability improvements and unit sales growth by releasing all titles finished to a high level of quality.

They didn’t specify as to what IP’s they have in mind to possibly bring back, but with a massive catalog of games, it could be just about anything at this point.

You can read the full Q&A summary here. This is certainly interesting considering the recent rumor that Capcom may finally be making a new Devil May Cry game in the vein of the original four titles, and not the Ninja Theory-developed reboot.

Image Source: push-pulse

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