Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics Comes to North America Summer 2016

Spike Chunsoft has announced they’re localizing Fushigi no Chronicle: Furikaerimasen Katsu Madewa.

The game will be known as Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics in North America, and its set for a release sometime this summer (Editor’s Note: the game has been rated for Europe and Australia, so it’ll probably be released there as well). Featured above, you can view the game’s announcement trailer.

Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics  is a procedurally generated, roguelike RPG remake of the original doujin game: One Way Heroics. The game will support cross-buy and be released digitally via the PlayStation Store.

Players will be thrust into an ever-changing world, which changes with every quest. As you pick up quests and head out on adventures, you’ll have to make the best of it as the entire world has a forced-scrolling screen. Touching the end of the screen means death, so every action counts.

Brandon Orselli


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