Check Out New Screens and Artwork for Tales of Berseria

Tales of Berseria 5-16-2016 - 38

Bandai Namco has released a multitude of 1080p screenshots today for Tales of Berseria alongside some awesome new high-res art.

The new screens show a bunch of the characters as well as a few new ones like the lizard daemon Dyle. The screenshots also show a bit of the equipment screens, giving us the opportunity to see the way activating new skills is done through equipment; three kinds can be seen in the screens here – “Master Skill”, “Enhancing Bonus”, and “Random Skill”. Also included are some shots of Mystic Arts and their cut-ins.

Tales of Berseria is releasing in Japan on August 18th on PS3 and PS4. The west has to wait until early 2017, but will get the game on PS4 and PC through Steam.

Chris Gregoria


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