Old Sega America Video Focuses on the Trials and Tribulations of Being a Play Tester

A new “trainumentary” video has surfaced from the old Sega of America days.

Featured above, the documentary was filmed on location in Sega America’s old corporate location in Redwood City, California between June of 1995 and February of 1996. That’s over two decades ago now – feeling old yet?

The half-hour video was meant as a way to introduce new hires to their testing department, and it’s loaded with American 1990s nostalgia, including lots of product shots of (now) old Sega hardware, prototype circuit boards, Jolt soda, tube-televisions, and more.

Some of the more entertaining moments are the subtle jabs at the fabled failure that was known as the Sega Game Gear (they literally had them stowed away in a drawer), as well as a not-so-subtle jab at the Sega Pico (a tester was literally trying to break one). Anyone remember that thing?

Brandon Orselli


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