Otome VN Nise No Chigiri Now Available for Westerners as Shall We Date? Eternal Vows

eternal vows 05-13-16-1

Developer NTT Solmare has launched another one of Idea Factory’s Otomate-branded visual novels, for mobile devices.

The new game, known as Nise no Chigiri in Japan, has been localized as Shall We Date? Eternal Vows: Love Beyond Time.

You can find the game readily available for both Apple iOS and Android Play.

Shall We Date? Eternal Vows: Love Beyond Time takes place during Japan’s Sengoku (Warring States) period, in which a woman from the present time is whisked away to the past. Upon interrupting a battle between Uesugi Masatora and Takeda Shingen, she is taken in by Masatora and eventually can choose between these men.

It’s worth mentioning the game is free to start, however you’ll have to pay $4.99 per (there are a total of seven) routes, and a final one from Rurimaru that’s only $3.99.

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