New Videos for Pokemon Sun and Moon Reveal Small Bits of Gameplay

CoroCoro has shared a new Pokemon trailer on their YouTube channel today, giving us another small taste of what awaits us all in November when the two new games release.

There’s more to it though; the trailer has the appearance of another unannounced Pokemon show up on the map when the trainer first leaves the house at around the 12 second mark of the video. While it’s really nothing substantial in the way of design or anything, it at least points to the the certain inclusion of more new Pokemon coming our way beyond just the starters.

And of course, the trailer highlights those three new starters asking which you’ll choose when the time comes. You can check out our previous article on the new starters here.

Finally, there’s another video provided by Nintendo of Japan – this time in the form of an advertisement.


The small bits of gameplay show off character customizing, and more.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are releasing on the Nintendo 3DS on November 18th in North America, and on November 23rd for Europe this year.

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