Meet Oscar and Teresa from Tales of Berseria

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Bandai Namco has shared new details and screenshots for Tales of Berseria.

First, you can find the new screenshots above as well as below:

We also got introduced to the new characters Oscar Dragonia and Teresa Linares. Here’s a brief synopsis for each character, via Bandai Namco:

Oscar and Teresa hail from the Abbey, an organization of exorcists that were established to protect people from the threat of daemons, humans who have turned into creatures from the Daemonblight disease. The Abbey leads political and military action in the Holy Midgand Empire with the mantra “sticking to reason brings order and peace.” Exorcists of the Abbey are ranked by their ability and are divided between three ranks: Legate, Praetor, and Orderly.

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Oscar Dragonia – A strong Praetor exorcist with a strong sense of duty to eradicate all daemons. He is from the Dragonia family, a major aristocracy in the Holy Midgand Empire and Teresa is his older half-sister.

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Teresa Linares – A Praetor from the Abbey who governs Hellawes, a northern town in the Holy Midgand Empire. She is known as the “Frozen Queen” because of her cold and stoic personality, although she dotes on Oscar, her younger half-brother, and will show emotion when she is alone with him.

Tales of Berseria is launching for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in Japan on August 18th, followed by a PlayStation 4 and PC release in North America and in Europe sometime early next year.

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