Italian Fashion Designer Riccardo Tisci Gives Hatsune Miku a Makeover

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Hatsune Miku’s worldwide popularity has been surging recently, with her latest PlayStation 4 and PS Vita game set for an August release in North America, an ongoing North American musical tour, and more.

Now, renowned Italian fashion designer Riccardo Tisci has put his attention on the virtual singer.

In a short but interesting piece by Vogue, the Italian designer has taken his handmade haute couture expertise to a real-life mannequin representing Miku. You can find the end result featured above.

“She’s so cool,” Riccardo said while gazing at her digital persona via an iPhone screen. The designer “met” Miku earlier this year, so that he could get a couture-gown fitting completed prior to the exclusive Givenchy show – which Miku has access to.

“The outfit has multiple types of lace with some crocodile trim,” said Tisci, “and intermittently, though you can’t see them from far away, there are individual Swarovski crystals.”

Tisci remarks on the cutting-edge, surreal feeling of working with a digital avatar – probably a first in his industry. “It’s insane—Japan is 20, 30 years ahead of the rest of us,” Tisci said.

Protective fans out there may get a little jealous to hear of what Tisci had to say of her new look. “I want to ask her to be my date,” says Tisci. “But… let’s see what she says. She might be too busy.”

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X is set for an August 30th release on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in North America.

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