The Banner Saga 2 Arrives on Steam, Console Versions Arriving Later

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The Banner Saga 2 was finally released on Steam today.

It’s a sequel to the 2014 tactical RPG inspired by Viking mythology and telling the story of humans and varl (giants) struggling to survive in a world that falls apart after the gods killed each other. Like the previous title, Banner Saga 2 features turn-based combat in which strength of the unit is tied to its hitpoints, a large amount of resource management and beautiful rotoscoped graphics.

Banner Saga 2 can be bought from Steam. According to the developers, the console version is currently being developed but there’s no confirmed release date yet. No word about mobile relase although it’s safe to assume that like with the first game, the sequel will also be available on Android and iOS.

If you played the first game on your PC, Banner Saga 2 allows you to import your save file so that the decisions you made during that game will carry over to the sequel. As the series is supposed to be a trilogy, it might be a good idea to keep your saves somewhere to maintain the continuity across the series.

(Editor’s Note: The PS Vita version of the original Banner Saga is still coming, however it has yet to be dated).

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  1. catazxy
    April 20, 2016 at 5:42 pm

    I think I’ll give the original a try, the art looks so good!